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The Story Bookstore is an online English bookstore based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The idea of opening an online English bookstore came when we were figuring out meaning of our lives. We name it “The Story”, because similar to how books show us various interesting stories from all walks of life, we hope to bring readers different books that we love to sell and share, with a story of its own. We hope that you will feel the stories of each book you have purchased from The Story Bookstore and continue to create meaningful stories after reading your book.

We also accept book order requests if the book you are looking for is not on our book list. We also buy new and used books and do book delivery within Vietnam.

We accept Cash on Delivery and card transfer.


To buy available books: 

  1. Choose the book you would like to buy, and also choose the book condition.
  2. Add to cart the book(s) you would like to buy, then fill in the form about your preferred payment method and your information.
  3. We will then confirm the order with you via either message or email, as well as the delivery cost. You will then be asked to transfer the payment to our bank account if you choose to pay by that method.
  4.  We will deliver the book to your shipping address. If you choose to pay by COD method, please give the money to the shipper once he or she deliver the book(s) to you.
  5. Enjoy the book(s) and please give us feedback on Facebook or Instagram.

To order books: 

  1. Fill in this form at
  2. We will then check the price of your requested book(s), then confirm the order with you via message or email.
  3. You will be asked to transfer 50% of the price of the book(s) as deposit.
  4. After 2-3 weeks (depending on the book condition you choose), the book(s) will be available in Hanoi, and we will deliver the book(s) to you. You can choose to transfer the remaining money, or give the remaining money to the shipper.

To buy books that are out of order: 

  1. The same steps as “To order books:”


I cannot find the book I am looking for. Can you order the book for me, please?

Yes, we can. Please fill in the details of the books you want to order at … Once we receive your book order form, we will contact you via Email or phone to give you the total price of the books and confirm the order. After you transfer 50% of the book price to us, we will order the book for you, and the books will be available in three weeks.

Do you offer shipping to other places in Vietnam besides Hanoi?

Yes, we do. You can also choose whether you would like quick or slow delivery service.